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Russell Brunelle

The Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center

The Duwamish tribe was inhabiting what is now the Seattle area at the time the Denny Party landed (though in general this land has apparently been inhabited since the end of the last ice age).

Although the Duwamish today are still struggling to obtain federal recognition as a distinct tribe, and if Wikipedia is correct only about 30 people remain who can speak their language, one recent success was completing this cultural center. What you see here is the portion of their cultural center which can be rented for special events, but the real reason I came was that the gallery portion of the center was presenting Coast Salish art by Peter Boome, who was a member of my law school graduating class.

I wasn't sure if it was ok to photograph what was on display in the gallery, but you're welcome to visit Mr. Boome's web site at if you'd like to see a selection of his art. It's high quality, and would be a particularly good choice for any Seattle office which wanted to emphasize ties to the local community.

"Evening Stroll" was my favorite.

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