Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

My 1/10/06 diary entry

On my way down to the first floor of the Westin Building to escort a customer to his network cage, I had the privilege of sharing the elevator with three other young computer professionals (all guys) who were discussing the art of "getting laid."

One of them made a point of telling the other two that he was going to share with them the world's biggest secret to getting laid, which turned out to be the following: never live in a house that has a hallway leading to your bedroom. You see, walking down a hallway gives women a chance to think, something which they apparently never otherwise do. Thus as a young ladies' man what you really want is a studio apartment, so that there's no opportunity for your prospective partner to change her mind between the living room and your bedroom.

None of the three were joking, and in receiving this "wisdom" the other two just nodded appreciatively.

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