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The West Memphis Three

I won't rehash the details (see here if you have further interest), but basically the "West Memphis Three" were three almost certainly innocent young men sentenced to either death or life imprisonment in Arkansas in 1994 on the basis not of anything actually connecting them with the crime, but rather mainly on the basis of their love of rock-and-roll music and black clothing, from which the jury was invited to infer that they were all members of a hypothetical Satanic cult (for which itself there was no evidence) that committed a triple homicide the previous year. Suffice it to say this case was outrageous every step of the way, and nobody in the civilized world was surprised when eventually DNA evidence failed to link any of these three people to the crime, leading to their release last August.

I'm mentioning this now because of some recent news: as City Arts magazine just reported, Jason Baldwin (one of the West Memphis Three) has moved to Seattle, plans to attend law school, and will be a guest DJ on the KEXP rock show "Seek and Destroy" on March 11 (midnight to 2am at the beginning of that day).

Anyway, I'm planning to tune in: at least in part it was this kid's love of rock-and-roll which put him in jail for seventeen years over a crime he didn't commit, and it's good to see that despite this horrific experience he hasn't lost his love for it.

[Note: the printed issues of City Arts list the above date incorrectly - the March 11 date is what is given on that magazine's web site, and was confirmed by KEXP when I contacted them yesterday.]

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