Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Anti-Semitism in San Francisco

I'm surprised that I only just found out about this, given how much anti-Semitism bothers me.

Basically, an anti-circumcision initiative was placed on the 2011 San Francisco ballot, and was promoted with material which was explicitly (and indeed gleefully) anti-Semitic.

By way of example, here is a link to the "Monster Mohel" issue of the comic book "Foreskin Man," which was created by the individual who wrote the text of this initiative. Note the sneering Jews lurking in the background of this comic book's cover page, and the muscular Aryan hero in the foreground. Feel free to skip ahead to panel 20, when armed Jewish thugs burst in screaming, "Where is the child!"

The "hero" later goes on to characterize Jewish prayers as mere "babbling."

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