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Russell Brunelle

YouTube videos for my journal posts since 8/29/11

As before (e.g. here) the best way to enjoy what follows is to first open the last link to my actual post, then open the first link to watch the (sometimes ironically-intended) YouTube video. For multi-part YouTube videos, I linked to each part in order.

Amtrak Cascades 517:

Digital Orca:

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Cauldron:

Surrealist Exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery:

Iron Chef - Sushi Battle:

HI-Vancouver Central Hostel:

Port Coquitlam:

Last Run of the Albion Ferry:

Golden Ears Bridge Construction:

Crossing the Canadian Border:

Motel 6 in Bellingham:

Playa Bonita:

Snohomish Balloon Ride:

Nice Nice:

The Great Mundane:

Jamie Nova:

Seattle Center's International Fountain:

Escala Condos:

Museum of Doll Art:

Bellevue Arts Museum:



Quan Yin Statute at Bellevue City Hall:

Seattle's Mayor Mike McGinn:

The First Telephones:

Mechanix Illustrated:

KRKO Everett:

Model 15 Teletype:

Museum of Communications:

The "Lusty Lady":

Johnny Cash:
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