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YouTube videos for my journal posts since 5/15/11

As before (e.g. here) the best way to enjoy what follows is to first open the last link to my actual post, then open the first link to watch the (sometimes ironically-intended) YouTube video.

Using Apostrophes:

The Suicide Bomber Card Game:

Playing Swing-Along:

The Seattle Pinball Museum:

Seattle's International District:

Richard Feynman's Chess Analogy:

Qwest Field is Becoming CenturyLink Field:

Tuba Man:

The Elliott Bay Book Company Leaving Pioneer Square:

Seattle Steam Company's New Biomass Boiler:

The Waterfront Merry-Go-Round:

Timelapse of the WaMu Bank Center's Construction:

Seattle Waterfront at Sunset:

A Pinball Tournament at Shorty's:

The Maximus/Minimus Pork Sandwich Truck:

Portland's International District:

Interview with Google Search Leaders:

Pennoyer v. Neff:

The Portland Aerial Tram:

The Milwaukie-Portland Light Rail Project:

The City of Milwaukie:

Tour of the Dark Horse Comics Offices:

Bowling a Perfect Game at Milwaukie Bowl:

Kitchen Design at the Northwest Street of Dreams:

Gluten-Free Milling at Bob's Red Mill:

General Manufacturing Processes at Bob's Red Mill:

Folding a Brochure at Rapid Bind, Inc.:

Inside the Morrison Bridge:

Powell's City of Books:


The Creation of Gas Works Park:

Piano Man:


826 Seattle:

Green Lake Park:

The I-5 Ship Canal Bridge:

Vigil on the Aurora Bridge:


A Live Performance at the KEXP Studio:

Naveed Haq's Sentencing:

The Seattle Symphony's New Director:

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel:

The Launch of New Approach Washington:

The Low Orbit Ion Cannon:

9/11 "Truthers":

Note: A non-YouTube video concerning the Aurora Rents elephant is available here.

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