Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

LyX 2.0 has just been released

A major update to the free word processing program LyX has just been released.

This wonderful piece of software is a personal favorite of mine, and something I like to turn other people on to whenever I can.

LyX uses the free typesetting system called LaTeX (which is used to typeset books and journal articles in many branches of the sciences) as its backend, but all that complexity is hidden from you.

So, you get the advantage of all the work done by people who have devoted their lives to making printed documents look beautiful, not only at no cost in dollars, but not even at any cost of your time.

Furthermore, since it's the nature of LyX to discourage you from monkeying with paragraph and character formats (that being considered the job of the separate typesetting system), you also save time while writing.
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