Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

YouTube videos for my adventures since 2/14/11

In this document I paired the posts I made to this journal from 2/7/08 to 2/14/11 with YouTube videos. What follows does the same for the posts I've made since then.

As before, the best way to enjoy what follows is to first open the last link to my actual post, then open the first link to watch the (sometimes ironically-intended) YouTube video.

Neal Stephenson:

Greg Bear:

University of Washington's History:

Kate Middleton's Hats:

Wesley Snipes's Taxes:

Steven Pinker's New Book:

Facebook's New Prineville Data Center:

Vox clamantis in deserto:

Paul Steven Miller:

"Humanity Has Always Looked Skyward for Its True Path":

Sending an Application to a University:

Buying Textbooks for the Last Time:

Mechanical Typewriters:

Dog Bark Inn:

Atomic Days:

Atomic City:

Experimental Breeder Reactor 1:


Atomic Clock:

Boulder Winds:

The Mork and Mindy House in Boulder:

Watch it Made in the U.S.A.:

Extreme Tea:

Boulder Theater:

Batch 19:


Touring the Coors Brewery:

Dr. Who:

The Tesla Dealership:

Boulder, Colorado:

Crossing the Nebraska State Line:

The Fireside Lounge:


Matthew Shepard:

University of Wyoming:

A Disturbing Painting at the Gas Lite Inn (inappropriate for younger viewers):

Rawlins, Wyoming:

Echo Canyon:

Brigham City:

A Baker City Cathedral:

Oregon's Blue Mountains:

The Pendleton Round Up:

Transmission of Wealth:
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