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YouTube videos related to all of my recent adventures

The best way to enjoy what follows is to first open the last link to read my actual journal entry, then open the first link to watch the video. Please note that in many cases the accompanying YouTube video was chosen ironically, and does not represent my own viewpoint on the subject :)

The following begins near the start of my 2008 cross-country bicycle ride, and ends a few days ago.

Dune Riding in Glamis:

Amigas y Rivales:


Around-the-World Skateboarding:


D.C. v. Heller:

Piggly Wiggly:

Reaching the Atlantic Ocean:

Completing My Cross-Country Ride:

National Cathedral:

Arlington Cemetery:

Library of Congress:

National Archives Rotunda:

Berlin Wall:

Gonzalez v. United States:

John Adams:

Marcel Tabuteau:


Johnny Teyssier:

Yale Commencement:

Skull and Bones Society:

Yale Law Library:

Maya Lin Sculpture:

Vasken Mardikian:

New York Stock Exchange:

Stonewall Inn:

Grand Central Station:

United Nations Renovations:

New York Philharmonic Principal Oboe:

Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

Apollo Theater:

All Good Things:

Xiangqi in Columbus Park:

Mitzvah Tank:

Writing a Torah Scroll:

How Theater Failed America:

Harvard Yard:

Harvard Law Admissions:


Fenway Park:



Steven Pinker:

Harvard Law Review:

Kennedy/Nixon Presidential Debate:

Baby Heads Installation:

Boeing Dreamliner:

Tall Trees Trail:

Golden Gate Bridge:

Stanford Law Review:

Babbage Difference Engine:

Winchester Mystery House:

Grateful Dead House:

Waiting for Godot:


Devil's Tower:

Corn Palace:

My Old Frat House:

Becoming a Student Again:

Jonathan Mahler:

The Paper Chase:

Debate at the College Inn:

The 2008 Presidential Election:

David Souter:

The New UK Supreme Court:

Viva la Vida:


Presidential Inauguration:

Old Robe Trail:

Carolyn Porco:


Shirin Ebadi:

Flying Wheels Ride:


The Herbfarm:

Petroglyph National Monument:

Hiroshima Watch:

Stanton Friedman:

Carlsbad Caverns:

Georgia O'Keefe:

Rainbow Gathering:

The Toe Truck:

Forks, WA:

Three Gorges Dam:

Lullaby Moon:

Bachelors take Heed!:

The Renaissance Fair:

The Concorde:


Touring High-End Condos at Olive 8:

Air Force One:

Seattle's New Central Link Light Rail:

Leaving for Burning Man:

Oregon Vortex:

Oregon Shakespeare Festival:

Transcontinental Railroad:

Burning Man:

The Cello:

President Lincoln's Hat:

First U.S. Manned Space Mission:

The Holocaust Memorial Museum:

Thomas Jefferson:

Apollo 11:

Sputnik 1:

The Neverwas Haul:

Smith Tower:

PNB's Romeo and Juliette:

Fred Haise:

Dr. Michael Sandel:

Richard Dawkins:

Husky Stadium:

Camaraderie Cellars:

Roz Savage:

The Unabomber:

Metropolitan Aida Simulcast:

Rusted Root Live:

Night of 1,000 Pumpkins:

The Nose:

Warren Magnuson:

William H. Gates, Sr.:

Ms. Pac Man:



Wonderland Trail:

Sunrise at the UW Law School:

Philip Glass:

End of My 2L Year:

King Street Station:

Amtrak Cascades:

Sheep Castration:

Facebook Data Center:

Aryan Nations:


Baker City:

Elkhorn Classic:

The Oregon Trail:

Harley Davidson:


Missoula MT:

Taco John's:

Grizzly Stadium:

The Far End of History:

Ennis Fourth of July:

Old Faithful:

Jeffrey City:

People Will Come:

Rene Magritte:

Walden Cemetery:

Riding Through Rural America:

Hoosier Pass:

ADX Florence:

Rocky Mountain Oysters:

Plebian Pools and Spas:

Ranching vs. Farming:

The Space Shuttle:

Guardians of the Children:

Hutchinson Grain Elevator:

Warhammer 40k:

StarCraft II:

Westboro Baptist Church:

Edwin Hubble:

Mardi Gras Casino:

Stonewall Jackson:

Virginia Military Institute:

A Southern Yiff!:

Crossing the Manhattan Bridge:

It's Not the Cat's Fault!:

Grand Coulee Dam:

Burning Man (again...):

Minuteman Silo:

Husky Union Building Demolition:

Skamania Lodge:

World of Warcraft:

Fraternity Misbehavior:

Obama Protester:

Social Distortion:

Port of Seattle:
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