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Vancouver BC - Russell Brunelle [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Russell Brunelle

Vancouver BC [Sep. 24th, 2010|06:38 pm]
Russell Brunelle

As my last adventure of the summer I spent a few days in Vancouver BC, leaving on September 17 and getting back on September 19.

I've always loved Vancouver BC, but in part this trip was motivated by the fact that the Robert Pickton serial killing case was finally put to rest, just six weeks ago, with the denial of Mr. Pickton's last appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada; as I understand it his case was the worst case of serial killing in Canada's history, and I wanted to get a few pictures in the Vancouver BC area related to this loser's horrifying spree.

What you see here is Robert Pickton's former "pig farm," though obviously all of its buildings have long-since been demolished.

I won't go into too many gruesome details here; the above link to his Wikipedia page is available for anyone with further curiosity.

Of course, one of the real tragedies of this case is that Mr. Pickton was apparently correct in his assumption that the victims he chose were ones the police wouldn't care that much about, and indeed it's difficult for me to believe that for any other kind of victim a way wouldn't have been found to convict him based on the physical evidence in his 1997 murder attempt.