Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Mailing my bike back home

I realize this shop (at 106 Ridge Street on Manhattan's lower east side) doesn't look like much, but it has a great reputation, and its technicians obviously knew what they were doing.

They'll disassemble my bicycle enough to fit it into a standard bicycle shipping box, presumably add some cushioning, and then mail it to the Washington State home address I gave them.

The cost of handling getting my bicycle home this way was almost the same as what many airlines would have charged if I'd shown up at the airport with the bicycle already boxed for treatment as jumbo luggage, but I achieve further cost savings (not to mention the deletion of a lot of hassle) as a result of it now being out of my hands: among other things I can now comfortably use the subways rather than cabs to get from here back to to hostel and from there to the JFK airport, the bike shop doesn't need to complete my bike's boxing before my flight leaves, and I don't have to make another trip back to the bike shop.

Anyway, I hope that answers some questions I've received about the nuts and bolts (no pun intended) of cross-country bicycle travel: at this point I'm just like any other airline traveler.

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