Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

What a day...

Around noon the driver of a speeding passenger vehicle swerved into the shoulder of the road where I was riding (possibly to pass another vehicle on the right?) and hit me with his passenger side mirror. I was able to keep control of the bicycle, and the bicycle itself wasn't damaged, but the mirror hit my left hand pretty solidly, possibly breaking its little finger.

So, here I am in the area hospital for an X-Ray of that finger.

I wasn't able to get the license plate number, or see anything like a bumper sticker which might uniquely identify the vehicle, but this driver knew what happened: I didn't suffer any serious injury, and there's probably no hope of at this point of of figuring out who the driver was, but this was a hit-and-run.

There was a big motorcycle rally going on in nearby Cassoday KS that day, so there were plenty of motorcyclists on the road, but unfortunately none of them were behind me to witness this: I'd like to think that if one of them had, he or she might have at been inclined to speed ahead and get the license number.

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