Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

What I'll miss, and what I won't...

The Adventure Cycling Association offers three bicycle routes which cross the United States from west to east: the classic TransAmerica Trail (which I'm doing now), the Southern Tier (which I completed in 2008), and the Northern Tier (which presents serious weather concerns including the possibility of snow even in the hottest parts of summer, and which I have no interest in attempting).

So, when I reach Yorktown VA toward the end of this month, that will probably be the end of my adventures with long-distance bicycle travel.

What I'll miss the most will be the simple fact that in rural America people basically don't steal: it took me a while to accept that I could leave my bicycle unlocked when stopping somewhere for lunch, and that it would still be there after I'd paid the check, but once I accepted this fact the sense of freedom it provided was kinda intoxicating, and I anticipate it will be a hard transition for me to go back to no longer being able to trust the people around me.

I'll also miss the fact that the industries I'm passing by along this route are actually essential ones for our species.

And, finally, I'll miss the natural beauty.

What I WON'T miss is the paranoia: the degree to which seemingly ANY absurd conspiracy theory concerning President Obama is considered credible.
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