Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

I'm curious if these two bike trips have inspired anyone :)

I'm not sure I've done that many things in my life which could fairly be called inspirational, but if anything I've done could be, I'd imagine these two solo cross-country bike trips (both done despite the fact that I'm not an athlete and never have been) would probably count. Furthermore, I've tried very hard in maintaining this blog during each of those two trips to share the fun of learning more about American history and culture, and the importance of including at least some adventure in a balanced life.

So, I'm actually going to ask this question directly: HAS this blog inspired anyone either to have some kind of adventure of their own, to begin planning for such a thing, or to learn more about anything in particular?

To be honest, what is going on here is that very high heat, zero shade, long distances between changes in scenery, and sometimes aggravating road and wind conditions are making this part of the route (particularly today and yesterday) more frustrating than I expected.

Obviously I'm not going to quit over something this temporary and trivial, but knowing this blog is actually making a positive difference in the lives of at least a few of its readers will making continuing through long miles of this nature much more pleasant :)

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