Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Likely itinerary for the rest of Kansas

Wed Jul 28: 52 miles from Larned KS to Sterling KS.

Thu Jul 29: approximately 70 miles from Sterling KS to Newton KS, deviating from my previously posted route at Nickerson KS to pass through Hutchinson KS (via SR96 in and SR61 out). In Hutchinson KS see the Kansas Space Center, a proceeding at the Reno County Courthouse, and ideally the Kansas Underground Salt Museum.

Fri Jul 30: before leaving Newton, get a dawn picture of the "Blue Sky Sculpture." Then, 74 miles to Eureka KS (no services for first 38 miles).

Sat Jul 31: 58 miles from Eureka KS to Chanute KS.

Sun Aug 1: 59.5 miles from Chanute KS to Pittsburg KS. While passing through Girard KS, get a picture of the famous memorial. [Note to self: Visit Pittsburg KS post office first thing the next morning.]
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