Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Rough summary of route from Pueblo CO to Bardstown KY

SR96 from Pueblo CO to Rush Center KS (the road number does not change when crossing the state line)

US183 from Rush Center KS to its intersection with SR156, then SR156 to Larned KS

SR19 (which becomes CR484 near Seward KS, and then SR96 near Sterling KS) from Larned KS to Nickerson KS

82nd Ave, then E 95th Ave, from Nickerson KS to Medora KS

CR556 from Medora KS to Hesston KS

CR811, then CR568, from Hesston KS to Newton KS

CR570 from Newton KS to Cassoday KS

Stony Creek Rd, then NE Flinthills RD (which becomes SE Rosalia Rd), from Cassoday KS to Rosalia KS

US54, then SR105, from Rosalia KS to Toronto KS

SR105, then SR39, then "2000 Rd," from Toronto KS to Chanute KS

SR57, then SR146, then CR680, then SR7, from Chanute KS to Girard KS

SR7, then E 590th Ave, then S 200th St, then E 560th Ave, then SR47, from Girard KS to Pittsburg KS

SR126 from Pittsburg KS to Golden City MO (the road number does not change at the state line)

SR37, then SR A (which becomes SR Z and SR K) from Golden City MO to Everton MO

US160 from Everton MO to Ash Grove MO

SR V, then SR U, from Ash Grove MO to Walnut Grove MO

SR BB (which becomes SR CC, then SR E, then SR 38) from Ash Grove MO to Marshfield MO

SR38, then SR17, from Marshfield MO to Summerville MO

SR106 from Summerville MO to Ellington MO

SR21, then SR N/W, from Ellington MO to Bismark MO

SR32, then Prineville Rd, from Bismark MO to Farmington MO

SR F/B/P/N/Z/H, then SR 51, from Farmington MO to Chester IL

CR5, then SR4, from Chester IL to Murphysboro IL

SR127, then W Chautauqua St, from Murphysboro IL to Carbondale IL

A variety of local roads from Carbondale IL to Goreville IL

Tunnel Hill Rd, Gilead Church Rd, SR147, SR145, Eddyville Rd, and SR146, and Tower Rock Rd from Goreville IL to Cave-in-Rock IL

SR91 from Cave-in-Rock IL to Marion KY

SR120, then SR132, from Marion KY to Sebree KY

SR56, then SR136, then SR140, then US231, then Bellsrun-Whitesville Rd, then SR764, from Sebree KY to Whitesville KY

SR54, then SR110, then SR79, then SR259, then SR401, then SR84, from Whitesville KY to Sonora KY

SR84, then SR357, then McDowell Rd, then SR61, then SR470, then SR84, from Sonora KY to Howardstown KY

SR247, then SR52, then SR457, then SR49, from Howardstown KY to Bardstown KY
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