Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Rough plan for next five days...

Wednesday, July 14: ride to Walden CO (68 miles)

Thursday, July 15: ride to Kremmling CO (78 miles)

Friday, July 16: ride to Breckenridge CO (57 miles)

Saturday, July 17: ride to Canon City CO (99 miles, but that sounds worse than it is - after only 11 miles I cross the highest point of the TransAmerica Trail, which represents its last continental divide crossing, so after that crossing 11 miles it's essentially all downhill)

Sunday, July 18: ride to Pueblo CO (a relatively easy 50 miles, but this is the city where I'll need to pick up a new chain and the remaining maps, possibly get my cogs replaced, and see a Colorado State court proceeding, so I'll probably need to stay through at least Monday night)

The above (admittedly ambitious) schedule may suffer a delay of a day or two depending on wind, thunderstorm, and rain conditions, or my temper.

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