Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Plan for today

I'm going to ride to Jeffrey City WY today, probably arriving fairly late, and spend the night there.

The wikipedia page for Jeffrey City is fascinating: apparently the city was founded to support a uranium mine during the cold war, which closed after the uranium market collapsed. After the mine closed 95% of the city's residents left within three years, leaving it in its current state with just 100 residents (and not a single family among them) and only one business (a bar).

However, at the height of the city's population and optimism it apparently built out infrastructure to support a population many times the largest size it ultimately ever reached, so (for example) now it has a huge high school with an Olympic sized swimming pool despite the fact that not ONE person of high school age currently lives there.

There's no motel in Jeffrey City, but I was introduced to someone at the Lander Bar last night who offered to let me stay in a camper he apparently abandoned in Jeffrey City some time ago, and doesn't see any need to lock :)

I know this probably sounds sketchy to any of the readers of this blog who prefer more luxurious travel, but this guy was introduced to me as a personal friend by the guy I had the Burning Man conversation with, and almost everyone at the bar seemed to know and like the Burning Man guy, so I would actually put the odds of my being murdered as fairly low, like seriously under ten percent.

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