Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

My camp site at Grant Village campground in Yellowstone National Park

I'm sure lodging in any of the rooms of Yellowstone's inns went for hundreds per night, and in any case there was not a single vacancy in ANY of them at the time I entered the park.

But, I roll into the beautiful Grant Village campground on July 6, without having made any kind of reservation, and for only $6 get this tent camp site, adjacent to a nice restroom (with electrical outlets for phone recharging), and with clean and modern laundry and shower facilities just up the road.

I should add that the RV sites at this camp site were all full, so this result would have been achieved were I using any kind of vehicle other than a bicycle.

The campground staff was kind enough to place all bicyclists in the same camp area (L408), so even though as it turned out we'd all met before earlier on the TransAmerica route, this placement served as a kind of reunion for us.

There was widespread agreement in our bicyclist camp that this was the finest campground any of us had ever stayed in.

Ladies and gentlemen, in my humble opinion, this is how you do Yellowstone.

In short, I strongly suspect our experience of this park, which required from each of us only one $12 admission fee, one $6 camp fee, and absolutely NO advance planning even though we were riding through the park on the week of the Fourth of July, was superior to that of anyone who planned a year in advance to shell out a fortune for inn rooms, or who experienced this magnificent park from the distance of a city-bus-sized RV.

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