Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

A minor note about my earlier mechanical failure...

While inflating both my tires this morning I had the chance to compare (multiple times in fact) the pressure readings of each, as displayed by the gauge built into my Topeak Road Morph G pump, against the readings of a separate stand-alone pressure gauge made by SKS.

In no case did the pump give a reading significantly at odds with that of the separate pressure gauge.

In other words, I actually HADN'T inflated my rear tire beyond its maximum rated pressure when I suffered that blowout while headed into Missoula: the tire sidewall was just terminally weakened through heavy mileage and/or the bike being stored upright for several months after the tire had deflated, and on the day of the blowout there wasn't a thing I could have done about it.
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