Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Kentucky dogs

I met a woman riding east to west this morning, who had started in Yorktown VA (i.e. where I'm heading). According to her, aggressive dogs were ONLY a problem in Kentucky, and in no other state.

Her critique of my current solution (i.e. stopping and getting off the bike before the dog can cause a wreck and then keeping the bike between me and the dog) was that it's fairly common in Kentucky to get charged by two or three dogs at once.

Her solution was to keep, in one of her water bottle cages, one of those pressurized cans of the substance you spray on hornet and wasp nests to kill the entire nest from a distance. Apparently dogs hate this stuff even more than they do pepper spray, so the new solution is to stop the bike, put both feet on the ground, and spray every single charging dog in the face with this toxic mélange.
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