Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Plan for next few days

Jul 1: Darby MT to Wisdom MT. Covers 58 miles, including Chief Joseph Pass at 7,241 feet. Replenish water in Suda MT.

Jul 2: Wisdom MT to Dillon MT. Covers 66 miles, with a water resupply in Jackson MT. Note that Dillon MT is the county seat of Beaverhead County, and offers a county museum.

Jul 3: Dillon MT to Ennis MT. Covers 70 miles, with a water resupply in either Twin Bridges MT or Alder MT. Would be a good idea to reserve inexpensive hostel space (Madison Hotel / 139 W Yellowstone / 406-646-7745) tomorrow for West Yellowstone MT from here.

Jul 4: Ennis MT to West Yellowstone MT. Covers 74 miles, though significant water and food should be brought along from Ennis MT due to poor resupply options along the way.
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