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Russell Brunelle

General route from Missoula MT to Pueblo CO

I want to be clear that the following does NOT constitute the entire TransAmerica Trail route: among other things, there are several points where the TransAmerica Trail jogs to the side to follow either a frontage road or a bicycle path which parallels the main road mentioned below.

But if you wanted a general sense of how I'm getting from Missoula to Pueblo, the following is fair.

US93 from Missoula MT to Montana's Lost Trail pass

SR43 from Montana's Lost Trail pass to Wisdom MT

CR278 from Wisdom MT to Dillon MT

SR41 from Dillon MT to Twin Bridges MT

SR287 from Twin Bridges MT to West Yellowstone MT

West Entrance Road from West Yellowstone MT to Madison WY

Grand Loop Road (which continues as South Entrance Road after West Thumb WY and then as US287 after leaving Yellowstone National Park) from Madison WY to Walcott WY

SR130 from Walcott WY to ten miles before Riverside WY, where you turn right on SR230

SR230 through Riverside WY and into Colorado, where it continues as SR125

SR125 from the Colorado border to near Granby CO, where you turn right to follow US40

US40 from near Granby CO to Kremmling CO, where you turn left on SR9.

SR9 from Kremmling CO to just before Canon City CO, where you turn to the left on US50

US50 from just before Canon City CO to Canon City CO, where you turn right on SR115

SR115 from Canon City CO to Florence CO, where you turn right on SR67

SR67 from Florence CO to Wetmore CO, where you turn left on SR96

SR96 from Wetmore CO into Pueblo CO
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