Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Probably my favorite picture from the trip so far...

I took this leaving Grangeville ID on SR13.

The bands of color remind me of a Mark Rothko color field painting, but with the little house adding a human element. I managed to get the hill positioned to follow the compositional rule of thirds, but as a nice bonus the hill the house was on had a perfect curve, reminding me of the cover of the book "The Little Prince" (i.e. as if it were the horizon of a much smaller planet than our own).

The size of the house against the rest of the picture makes me think about how small we are against the vastness of everything else out there, and I LOVE the fact that the clouds behind the house give way to a calm blue sky above.

Looking at the three bands of color beneath the house makes me think of all the layers of life necessary for us to survive.

I'm just gonna say it: I think I like this more than any other photograph I've ever taken.

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