Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Last night's dream

Last night I dreamed that a country in eastern Europe was pulling a new scam: basically they falsely accused every single member of my law school graduating class of a serious crime, and told us that to keep this accusation from damaging our ability to find work in the United States we each needed to submit to their jurisdiction and get the charges cleared by allowing ourselves to be arrested and taken back to their country.

In my dream the law school had let this country set up a little table in its main hall for the sake of arresting everybody in my class, and everybody (terrified that this accusation would indeed otherwise blemish their perfect resumes) had politely lined up to be arrested. I tried to talk many of my fellow students out of this course of action, to no avail.

My own "solution," since I wanted the best of both worlds, was to sneak out of the line, go home and get my passport, travel to the accusing country on my own, find the American embassy within its borders, and ask for asylum.

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