Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

My made-up religion

To keep my mind occupied during yesterday's 16 hour solo bicycle ride, I tasked myself with inventing a new religion.

Here's what I came up with:

NAME: The Faith of the Four Pillars

THE PURPOSE OF HUMANITY: As the only form of life on Earth which has achieved controlled space travel, humanity has specific charges to both (1) conserve non-renewable planetary resources, and (2) continue scientific progress, each with the ultimate goal of permanently projecting life to other worlds.

THE DOGMA: Humanity's aforementioned purpose is best served in societies whose individual members freely share the following four values:

  1. Science. Every scientific discovery is a permanent gain, an expression of the unique strengths of our species, a furtherance of our ultimate purpose, and cause for celebration.
  2. Health. Every unique human strength is enhanced by choices which foster good health, and physical exercise helps maintain a positive outlook.
  3. Adventure. This religion was the product of adventure, and no human life should end with curiosities unfulfilled.
  4. Love. It's inherent in our nature to weaken in the absence of love.

THE PRACTICE: Weeks sequence through each of the above four values (aka "pillars"). On each Sunday, you share (either in person or by electronic means) what you did in the preceding week to further that particular value, and the statements of all other adherents to that effect are made available for you to read.

THE HOLIDAYS: There are four, specifically located on each of the two solstices and equinoxes. There are two purposes to the placements of those four holidays: (1) to enable real-life get-togethers which (due to being evenly-spaced throughout the year) don't become burdensome, and (2) by the inherent focus on our sun to remind each follower that our sun has a finite life, and hence humanity's purpose must be fulfilled for life to continue beyond its death.

THE FAITH'S SYMBOL: I envisioned four vertical lines supporting a smiley face, against a backdrop of stars.
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