Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Four equipment tips I've discovered

  1. Make a tiny hole in the index finger tip of one of your glove liners, so you can use your iPhone touch screen with your gloves still on.
  2. One problem I've run into twice is a very small stone getting somewhere it shouldn't, once in the latch mechanism for my shoes and once in the integrated shifters. I haven't seen this mentioned in other guides, but good things to have in your kit are a very small tweezers and a small piece of wire for grabbing/sweeping such debris out.
  3. If you're using the ACA maps, don't just print out the addenda, make accompanying pen marks on the actual maps: obviously this is important for routing changes, but it's also important for closed grocery stores (e.g. for water resupply) in sparsely populated areas. It's just too easy to miss this otherwise.
  4. If you want to sleep outdoors without a tent, on a night where there's no chance of rain, but are bothered by flying insects landing on your face while you're lying in your sleeping bag, then get out your light balaclava and put it on backwards. You'll still be able to breathe through it, but the insects won't bother you, AND you'll look like an android from the far future, which I'm sure has it's advantages.

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