Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Plan for tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll need to complete Santiam Pass, representing an elevation gain of 3817 feet within 40 miles. It's the toughest climb I'll need to face for a while, and it's happening on the second day of the ride. Unfortunately due to the demands of law school I did not have time to properly train for hills (and to be completely honest this trip just in general), and although I completed today's 56 miles without serious issue, tomorrow is another matter.

But there are two kinds of brute force: rather than killing myself to complete this climb on the bike, I'm just going to leave at 3am. That way, even if I have to walk the bike almost all the way to the top, I'll still have enough daylight to complete the descent.

For any mountain you think is beyond your reach, the charge in your headlight is always better spent at the beginning than the end.

I like how that last paragraph almost sounded like a more general life lesson.
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