Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Well, you don't see THAT every day...

In part for exercise, and in part to see how many strange things I could find, over the last few months I've been walking the entire length of Highway 99 from downtown Seattle to downtown Everett, an hour or two at a time. What you see here is the store Odyssey Coins and Collectibles, which carries a substantial amount of Nazi memorabilia: the flags you see there are authentic, and the one on the left is priced at $1500. The other two strange things I found during this epic urban hike were a store that sells nothing but different kinds of salt, and a facility entirely devoted to the sport of bumper car basketball.

The interesting thing about Highway 99 is how radically it changes: at the beginning you pass by high-end restaurants like Canlis, and near the middle it seems there are prostitution (masquerading as "massage") venues every other block, but by the time you get to Everett it's perfectly ordinary.

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