Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Russell's Second Law

Here's my Second Law: "You're never asked for ID when you're wearing a business suit."

The back story here is that I've lived in Seattle so long, and systematically explored so much of it, that if I want an entirely new experience I really need to make an effort. Lately, in my limited free time, what has been amusing me is doing a little background research, putting on a business suit, and attending something absolutely not intended for the general public. So, here you see a photograph of the Washington State meeting for franchise owners of Subway sandwich restaurants (as well as their field managers). My cover story was that I was seeking financing through their Small Business Guaranteed Loan program to open a new franchise in the Issaquah area. In addition to the business suit I had a clipboard, and a Subway sandwich hat that I'd talked a Subway employee into giving me earlier that day.

For what it's worth, I now share upper management's concern that many Subway locations aren't ready for the increase in guest flow which will be associated with their Feb 9 "Any Sub for $5" promotion. I'm also inclined to agree that raising pricing for tier 2 subs above $6.50 is self-defeating, since doing so will only push regular customers into selecting the subs which are always priced at $5.

I do need to say that I felt sorry for Washington State's new bread supplier for the Subway chain, who presented at this event: it's not his fault if employees can't follow the simple instructions included with the bread machines (though in fairness not including a hygrometer as part of each oven kit does strike me as being penny-wise and dollar-foolish - for the bread supplier to have to come out to a location just to measure oven humidity, during which time the baking results are presumably sub-optimal, just seems wasteful).

In case you were curious, the lavish buffet at this event included no sandwiches of any kind.

Anyway, since I seem to be caught up with my reading for each of my law classes, I think I'll have another adventure today. Maybe I'll do a little online reading about luxury boating, then see if I can get on a yacht by pretending to be interested in buying it? That seems like a worthy challenge...


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