Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Another legendary nightmare...

A recurring theme in my life, since childhood, has been the creativeness and cruelty of my nightmares.

Let's take last night as an example...

Last night's dream began with me being expelled from high school without a degree, due to my having played the oboe poorly in the last band rehearsal of my senior year.

After wandering around a bit outside my former high school, in shame, I ended up being captured by a colony of young vampires, similar to those in that Twilight movie.

Rather than killing me, these vampires decided I was funny (in the stand-up comedy sense) and that as such they'd spare my life, but would force me to serve as an announcer for their colony's preferred sport.

Of course, this was no ordinary sport.

It turns out these vampires could control the weather, to the point of being able to arbitrarily create, and then control, tornadoes. Their sport amounted to having their teams' tornadoes fight, like Japanese kites. Before the match began, one of the two teams would intentionally run their tornadoes over some human homes so that they'd pick up some debris and be visually distinguishable from the other team's tornadoes. Then, the match would take place over a human city.

So, I had to sit there and crack jokes about a whole city being pointlessly ripped to hell, with thousands of people senselessly slaughtered.
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